Our honey is a completely natural mixture of honey by autochthonous plants of the Sunja area, and depending on the season and yield, they differ in composition. Our "Sunjski mix" consists of different plant pastures such as: acacia, chestnut, linden, amorpha, pasture of lowland meadows, etc. This rich natural biomimetic honey is a rare treat with multiple health benefits such as improving digestion and the immune system.


Our honey bees live and produce honey in the Sunja River area, situated next to Lonjsko Polje Nature Park. This area is famous for its pristine nature and high biodiversity, therefore, suitable for organic agriculture and permaculture. It represents extremely high-quality ecosystems (mesophilic meadows and forest), land, water, and air, without industries and potential sources of pollution.


Since 2015 we have been helping our honey bees to establish healthy and happy bee hive homes, and now they have produced enough biomimetic honey we would like to share with you.


Biomimetički postupak i proizvodnja našeg meda zasniva se na životnim principima biomimikrije (grčki od bios=život i mimeomai=oponašati) koje implementiramo u cjelokupnom ciklusu. Od pčela i prirode naučili smo kako proizvesti med, ne samo na organski način, već i na temelju životnih principa biomimikrije, pružajući podršku našim pčelama i njihovom ekosustavu, stvarajući za njih bolje uvijete za život.


Biomimicry (or biomimetics; from Greek words bios, meaning life, and mimesis, meaning to imitate) is a multidisciplinary science that studies nature’s best solutions and then translates these designs, functions, and processes into the human world to address and solve problems. Biomimicry asks the question: What would nature do? The goal is to create resilient products, processes, and policies by learning from and "listening to" nature, to the wisdom held in species and ecological systems that has been evolving and accumulating over four billion years.


· Evolve to survive
· Adapt to changing condition
· Be locally attuned and responsive
· Resource efficient
· Use life-friendly chemistry
· Integrate development with growth


Please wait for our bees to reply...

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